Sister Gutke

Monday, June 20, 2016

JUNE 13TH...

So here's some of Hermana Gutkes emails from today.... She sounded so happy ... As you will read a small part of the mission covers Argentina... So she is in the Mercedes stake which is in Uruguay but she is over the boarder in Argentina right now!!! Crazy.... 

I live in gualeguaychu argentina, There is a store where we buy the basics :)) I email from a public computer place in the central town center! It kind of like the high street with street stores and stuff!
it is awesome the spanish is hard but i am so loving it! the houses are so different and cold and small but I love the people they are wonderful our investigators are wonderful and the members are very nice we only have about 30 people in our ward. I bore my testimony in church yesterday it was nervewracking but good! 

The second picture is Emma with her companion and the Bishops sweet Daughter.. ( the people there can't pronounce Gutke ..) she calls Emma - Hermana Wookie... So cute!!!😀
The first pic is of Bishop and his Wife!

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