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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2 WEEKS IN.....

I just love Tuesdays right now..... got to send a few Emails back and forth with Hermana Gutke.

she is doing very well... she is dealing with some homesickness but adjusting well...she is eating the food better and making so many amazing friends. She just loves her companion Hermana Phipps they are such a great support for each other!
Here are some beautiful stories she shared this week......

SO on thursday night i prayed to heavenly father and asked him if my family was ok and doing well I would recieve your letters in the next few days... on friday the next day I was sitting in companion study and a man came up and handed me 7 LETTERS! 7!! so i got them all on april 29th! thank you for sending them to me. I love you so much and I know the lord answers prayers! I just cried because It was so good to hear from you. the mtc is hard but good, today we went to the temple and did a session in spanish! so i had to do the veil and everything in spanish. what an amazing experience it was to be able to do that in another language! THE LORD IS AMAZING. I am so grateful to be a missionary xx

Here is a little experience I wanted to share real fast! :) Last week when I emailed I had a hard time after with being homesick and then a really cool experience for me happened. I was sitting in my room and a latina hermana came in crying so in my broken spanish i tried to talk to her.. she is from ecuador and 3 days before she left there was an earthquake and she had just got done talking to her parents. My heart broke for her, and I realized how lucky i am that my family is healthy and well! she is such a strong woman and after speaking with her i went to my bed and just cried. I know the lord knows our hearts and is always there for us! my favorite scripture is D&

C 24:8 and I gave that scripture to this hermana, even though i cant speak as much spanish as i wish i could right now i know the gift of tongues is real and as we work towards and put in the effort of learning the language the lord will provide! My heart is so full being here and serving the Lord! I can not wait to meet the people of Uruguay so I am dedicating all my time and efforts in learning spanish so that i can effectively be who they need and who the Lord knows I can be!

the pictures above are of Emma and the MTC president and his wife....

These pictures are with her District..Mosiah

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