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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First Pday Email.....

yay after waiting a whole week we got a great email from emma...
she is doing well, heres some excerpts....

first i just want to say the gift of tongues is real so very real!! i didnt know that much spanish before I came and in one week I can pray bear testimony and teach the first discussion! its truly amazing! I am sorry if my english isnt good i am having a hard time because my brain is automatically translating this in espanol. I learn spanish 14 hours a day I am in class all day exccept meals and gym time. the food here is alright the smell was so hard at first the food smelled like dirty socks is how i can expalin it. but over time i am just so hungry i eat it. my companion is hermana phipps she is from tremonton and she is honestly the best fit for me! she is so sweet! 

tuesday: I flew to atlanta and while i was waiting at my gate i talked with this elderly lady named norma hawkes. and she shared her conversion story with me it was amazing it reminded me of why i am going serving. she said Strength isnt something you just have it is something the lord gives you over time! I loved this and it stuck with me! flying to atlanta was ok.. we landed at 450 and my flight was at 530 to colombia it was on the other side of the airport and down a level so i booked it faster than i have ever ran jumping in an elevator and riding a train with people to gate e. i barely made it on! when I saw hermana stone maddy I just cried with joy to see someone I knew! it was so good to see her! we flew to colombia and there were a lot of soldiers on our plane for colombia so that scared us a bit. they gave us a custom form and I had no idea how to fill it out so i just did my best hahah. we landed and we made through the passport stamping! then we got our bags let me tell you my little arms killed pulling 100 plus pounds! we found the people we ewere supposed to find to take us to the ccm and we went to go through and me and hermana stone filled out our customs forms wrong so we were freaking out as they were yelling at us in espanol finally wee refilled out forms and got through! we piled into the van and got to the mtc and president told us we would be the first missionaries to be in the new espanol training! it is very intense but good. then we uinpacked went to bed! 

wednedsay.... colombiam food is like a fire hydrant you get some water but mostly it just hurts your face. most of it is ok but the rest is mas o menos. I met with president duvall to get my tags and we found out we were related!! crazy! his mom is my great grandmas sister. hermana duvall is so sweet. then we jumped right into spanish! I love learning here its the greatest! I have grown so much in my testimony and in my language abilities! 

thrusday.. today i learned to pray in espanol and by the end of the day i could do it without looking at any notes or papers. it is amazing to pray in another language! the gospel is true so very true and i know if we work at what we want and ask the lord he will help us get there. today at lunch was emabrassing haha I went to clean off my spoon and i clanked it on my bowl and it made a loud sound like i was making an announcemnent and everyone looked at me haha i just said los siento! im sorry haha. as nortes we have to sit with latino hermanas so we dont speak english. but i love getting to know them!

friday.. today was amazing!! me and hermana phipps taught our first investigator raul in espanol it was amazing i was able to speak pretty good espanol using some english too. it realy is amazing to teach soemone about the gospel!! it is my favorite thing to see the light in their eyes as we teach them the truth! it really is a compound here... a spritiual compound! we  cant leave but its great! I am truly blessed to be here!! pres duvall taught me some things about my ancestors today and that was cool it testified to me that i was supposed to be switched to come to the colombia mtc! 

saturday.. today was hard lots of espanol and missing home but i felt the spirit so strong today!! heavenly father really is mindful of us!! i love mosiah 24.14 it even though when i pray in spanish i might not be able to say all i want to yet he knows the desires of my heart. he knows the desires of all of our hearts!! 

sunday.. sundays are different in the mtc! the chapel is in the building and all the meetings are in espanol so i kinda unserstood sacrament but only a little. it was so cool though! i feltl the spirit so very strong!! i love this gospel so much!! we have devotionals in english! 

modnay.. it rained a ton today! we taught raul and i prayed all  morning that i could understand him and be able to teach him in espanol and the gift of tongues was so strong today! the lord blessed me to understand what he was saying and teach and testify to him! 

tuesday.. today we went to the colombia temple it was amazing!! i will send pics of this week!! 

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